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How Best to Prepare Your Ideal Prenup Shoot Through the Eyes of a Professional Wedding Photographer

Prenup pictorial session is the first phase of your whole wedding prep. This photo shoot will help you build rapport with your photographers before your big day. Camera shy? Fear not! This shoot will warm you up. You will get to develop your confidence in front of the camera and feel great in your skin! So, when the day comes, you will not feel awkward.

Furthermore, you can unleash your creative side through this shoot. Go out of the box! Experiment with what you want. This is the best time to relax and create fun and memorable snaps you'd like to look over and over. You can use the output for the Save the Dates announcements and teaser materials that will make your family and friends pumped up for your wedding day!

Don't have any idea how to plan an engagement shoot? Don't worry; we got you covered! We'll walk you through the process of envisioning and turning it into reality through the eyes of a professional photographer!

1. Meeting your photographer.

Discuss your visions, requests, and expectations with the team. Keep in mind that the extent of the services will circle the package you picked.

2. Finalizing the Date and Venue.

Check and reserve the slot for your shoot with your photographer. At Honeycomb, We help our clients like you, widen the location options, and scout for the right place to be cohesive to your needs. It is also best if you visit the actual site before the shoot to know different ideal spots. If you plan to have an outdoor session, check the weather on the day of the shoot. Take note and secure permits and other requirements needed in the area.

3. Conceptualizing your desired theme.

Having a mood board and pegs will significantly fasten the conceptualization process. This could be hobbies or activities you and your partner do together that you want to highlight. Or memories you experienced that you want to recreate. Here is a list of things you need to consider to help you know what you'd like for the shoot. This typically includes, but not limited, to the following:

  • Shooting style

– Do you want traditional, contemporary, or documentary?

  • Theme

– What tone or vibe are you aiming for? Vintage, alternative, whimsical, or modern?

  • Wardrobe and props

– It is better to prepare at least 3-5 looks and setups for more variety. Some couples opt to hire a stylist for the production set, props, clothes, hair & makeup. Honeycomb gives suggestions such as color palettes and looks that are workable and will best suit you.

  • Shot list – If you have preferred angles or poses you want to do, it's vital to communicate this early to the team. But it's essential to trust your photographers. They know what is most flattering for you.

4. Creating a timeline.

Having an agreed schedule and staying on it will make everything smooth sailing because everyone knows what to expect next. (Having a stress-free shoot!)

Every studio has a different time frame; some have a longer lead time, some shorter. Below is the standard general timeline for most studios and what Honeycomb sticks to.

  • 2 hours' time allotment for the couple's preparation (dressing up, hair & makeup).

  • 3-4 hours for a photo shoot and one day for a video shoot (Maximum of two locations and as much as possible that are near each other)

  • 20-30 minutes for in-between retouches.

For out of town and outdoor shoots, early-time travel is a must, especially if you are chasing the sun's natural light. The client most likely shoulders the team and supplier’s security and transportation expenses.

Prenup photo shoot is not really necessary, but it is highly recommended to do. It takes a lot of work and effort to make everything great. But it sure is gratifying after all that you and your future spouse will remember. Have fun and enjoy the process! Honeycomb's mission is to make your stories wonderful!

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