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Preparation Timeline Before your Wedding Ceremony: A Professional Wedding Photographer's Viewpoint

Wedding preparation is one of the most stressful things to do as it is fulfilling for soon-to-wed couples. It feels very daunting to take, especially if you want to perfect everything on your important day.

Picking a photography studio will have an advantage because they have packages tailored for the clients and have many inclusions to choose from. Find a team you would want to work with to suit your style and decide on your wedding packages to fit your budget and priorities. Honeycomb offers a variety that will suit your needs.

Shooting your wedding details is one of the vital parts of the plan. Also expect it will be one of the most significant expenses of your wedding. So, it's better to invest in your wedding photographer that will capture your special day that will last a lifetime! If you don't know where to start your preparation, don't worry and keep on reading! Here is the timeline for the preparation shoot before your wedding ceremony, as said by a professional photographer!

After everything is set, create a preparation timeline.

Time Frames vary per studio. Below is Honeycomb's standard timeline, which has five (5) hours lead time in preparation for the standard rates.

1st hour

Bride shoot for wedding details (gown, rings, invitations, shoes, flowers, bouquet, bible array, candles, etc.)

2nd hour

Team Groom photoshoot for details and dressing up.

Team Bride photoshoot for hair down, robe, flowers, beauty shots, and photos with female entourage in robe

3rd hour

Team Groom will do a group shot (family and male entourage shoot).

Team Bride will finish all beauty shots before the bride will dress up. The bride's entourage should be already dressed before the bride for assistance.

4th hour

Team Bride will shoot group shots (family and female entourage), beauty shots wearing the gown, interviews for the video, photoshoot w/ entourage wearing a dress, and preparations going to the church.

Team Groom should finish portrait shots for 15-30mins and prepares for departure. Groom should be the first one to arrive at the church.

5th hour

Departure, travel and set up at the church location.

Now you are prepared and ready to walk down the aisle for the church ceremony! Group shots, Postnup, and Reception shoot will follow after.

Note that the lead time for an intimate package is only (3) hours. Fast tracking this to ensure the safety of everyone during the pandemic,

Your future self will indeed thank you for hiring a professional wedding photographer. Investing in someone who will capture your most special day that will last a lifetime is totally worth it! Here at Honeycomb, we see to it that you will have the best experience at your wedding. Our mission is to make your stories wonderful!

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