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Top 3 Types of Wedding Packages Currently Available in the Market Today

Are you a soon-to-wed couple looking for the right wedding package for you? Have no idea what your choices are? Photography studios, like Honeycomb PhotoCinema, offer various wedding packages that will suit your needs. Your wedding is ultimately valuable, and you would want to relive your treasured memories over and over. That's is why investing on an experienced photographer and a masterfully crafted package will surely guarantee to capture your special day that will last a lifetime! 

Let's discuss the three kinds of packages to choose from and help you decide which one to pick according to your budget and priorities. 


For those couples who want to separate their photographer and videographer, consider this package. If you're going to get someone or a team who specializes in photography only or focuses solely on videography, this is the right one for you.

Getting this service will give you a solid output without breaking the bank! Whatever are your preferences, as long as you carefully choose the right man or studio to work with, everything will be great! 

Honeycomb has best deals, High Fidelity and Breakfast at Tiffany's, which include a prenup photo session that you can use for wedding invites and teasers! Three senior photographers or videographers, depending on which package you choose, will take care of the whole wedding photo coverage. So, all you need is to smile and enjoy your day!

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Ready to have your ultimate dream wedding and up to avail the most-in-demand packages to choose from for your wedding? Want to have a single contact person for your photo and video? This is the BEST PACKAGE for you! 

This option will give you everything you prefer, both photo and video. With a separate crew for photography and videography working hand on hand, expect that various angles will be taken. This will cover your whole wedding – preparation, ceremony proper, postnup, and reception. The team will see to it that everyone will get to have their wonderful shots to be cherished and capture the highlights of your event that will be the talk among your friends or even be the talk of the town! How awesome is that?

All-in packages mostly include a wedding photo album as an everlasting memoir that will surely be a hit because who wouldn't want to look at photos, right?  

Honeycomb has a team who are exceptionally skilled and will deliver you the wedding of your dreams in High Definition with their all-in packages – Crazy Stupid Love, Blockbuster Hit, and Box Office Hit. 


The world is faced yet again with great adversity, but still, TULOY ANG KASAL! This package is created for couples who continue to push through their wedding. Nothing could stop two hearts that want to be sealed as one! Intimate weddings are a new trend on getting married.

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With the safety guidelines and regulations, guests are expected to be few and are limited to immediate family or those who are hand-picked by the couple. Intimate weddings most likely cater to a maximum of 30 guests only. This covers preparation and the ceremony only. So, with these protocols, everyone's safety is ensured for the couple, the guests, and the team. 

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If you wish to have a larger number of guests, SDE, and a pre-wedding photoshoot, opt to choose the regular package. New norm package typically has lesser photographers and a shorter lead time for photoshoots. The longer the lead time, the more moments to capture. So, put a lot of thinking about your decision. It's one of the life events you want to treasure forever! 

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