Top 9 Picturesque Destination Countries for your Prenup Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 15

After a long period of lockdown, more and more countries are opening up for tourism. As a couple, most of you would like to plan on an out of country trip alongside your engagement photoshoot. If you plan to have your engagement shoot outside the country and haven't decided yet where to go, read on. Explore other ethnicities and experience diverse cultures in these beautiful countries!

These are the top places to hold your pre-wedding photoshoot, as Miss Aileen Domingo, VP Outbound of CCT 168 Travels and Tours. Here's your guide as we travel you across Asia to Europe and the Southern Pacific.


I bet that when you think of Indonesia, the first thing that comes to your mind is the beautiful island of Bali. It is a nature-rich locality best known for its ancient culture and famous attractions. From stunning panoramic views of their beaches and mountains, magnificent temples to the lush green lands, this is a taste of paradise you'd never want to miss! It's a perfect place for adventurous couples who wish their prenup shoot taken.

Just like the Philippines, Indonesia has a tropical climate. That's why it's best to visit Bali during their dry season, which starts from May to October. Among the list, Bali is the most affordable destination; for flights and accommodations are cheap. You get to have a diverse experience while shooting your pre-wedding photos in this country!

Top 3 locations to shoot:

  1. Lake Beratan Bedugul – A beautiful spot with the Balinese Hindu Temple as your background.

  2. Mount Batur – If you wish to have a thrilling shoot and a unique backdrop, head over here, for this is an active volcano.

  3. Uluwatu Temples – A scenic view of the sea and cliff, perfect for dramatic photo ops.


Taiwan presents abundant incredible sceneries and stunning architectural landmarks you may want to consider for your photoshoot from East Asia. Dotted with religious temples, Taiwan will surely make your spiritual connection stronger, especially with your special one! Nature-lovers will also adore the scenic landscapes as the island is surrounded by towering mountains, forest, and beaches.

Taipei, being the capital of Taiwan, offers many exciting and delightful locations for your shoot! A plethora of unique buildings can be seen around the corner, including Taipei 101, an iconic structure. Also, get to experience the lively nightlife as you pose candidly in the bustling city. Delve through urban and rural life while enjoying the scrumptious local food! You can catch Cherry Blossoms between January and March on different spots here in Taiwan! Best alternative if you miss Japan.

Top 3 locations to shoot:

  1. Elephant Mountain – See the perfect view of Taipei 101 and the cityscape from here.

  2. Yangmingshan National Park – Be with nature and have a fairytale vibe shoot.

  3. Liberty Square – A wide-spaced area lined with mesmerizing temples.