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Your Top 5 Reasons Why You Want To Have Your Intimate Wedding this Pandemic

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Most of us dream of having a lavish, fairy tale kind of a wedding. Dozens of couples were set to tie the knot this year. But, a year of planning went down the drain as this pandemic dented every aspect of our lives.

The future is very unpredictable, But fear not! As the world undergoes drastic changes, people thought of ways to deal with it. The industry adapts to the new normal, and so are you.

Can't wait? Consider having an intimate wedding that you can do today! All grandeur may be gone, but you could still celebrate it remarkably while accommodating everyone safely.

Under the community quarantine, the administration implemented strict protocols that everyone should adhere to. Based on the guidelines released, mass gatherings are limited to only a few people. These gatherings include all religious activities, such as wedding observances. Moreover, it’s at the government’s discretion on what will be the maximum capacity dine-ins could offer. So, better check out your chosen wedding and reception venues regarding their regulations as early as possible!


Here are the five reasons why you would want to have an intimate wedding right now:

1. Your wedding, your rule.

It would be your sole decision if you wanted to elope straight away and be bound by the church's blessings. You should not let other people have a say. It is your special day. Obviously, it is for you to decide.

2. Shorter time for preparation. More time for yourself.

Ready to start a married life three months from now? Possible! With a short ceremony and limited guests, it's much easier to control and be hands-on without doing much.

3. The lesser the guests, the more relaxed you'll feel.

Being the center of attraction could be intimidating, but there's no pressure with the right people. It is an exclusive event for you and the people who matter the most. Especially those who truly support you and your relationship.

4. Rawer emotions could radiate more.

A tear-jerking exchange of vows with your special one is something you would want to capture!

5. Technology is a thing!

Got a lot of notable people who you want to witness your wedding? Hold a virtual ceremony through live streaming with your friends and extended families. You saved tons of money and will not be in distress over everyone's health. You can always celebrate with them right after this pandemic! Safety first!


The wedding may alter, however, your special day's memories should not be tainted by the pandemic blues. You can still freeze the moment thematically and marvelously. In fact, you would want to look back at it through photos and videos and feel the love that surpasses today's hurdles.

Uncertainty may surround everything, but a private celebration with your loved ones who are genuinely happy for you is a huge success.

As more and more couples opt to do a small ceremony, the faster the calendar slots fill up!

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