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Marryoke Wedding - Gabriel & Gwen

Gab & Gwen met in freshman year as classmates in UST - College of Nursing in June 2009. The seats were arranged in alphabetical order and Gab seats right in front of Gwen. They didn't talk much as they have different sets of friends and the only interaction they had was passing test papers and handouts to each other because of the seating arrangement. In the second year of college, they had to reshuffle to their permanent sections until graduation so Gabriel being Ramos, was on Section 8 and Gwen being an Umali was on section 10. On the farewell get together, the two finally had a chance to talk and Gab fell head over heels with Gwen. This was March 2010. The two enrolled on the same PE (handball) along with their other freshman classmates as a way to stay in touch and with that Gab & Gwen became even closer. Gab also started courting Gwen from March 2010 and finally after Gab got his much awaited, "Yes" on October 28, 2012. 


In March 2021, Gab proposed to Gwen on the ferris wheel of Mall of Asia with their friends holding a "Will you marry me Gwen?" tarpaulin below. Gwen & Gab became a couple in the same place in 2012 but they didn't ride the ferris wheel as Gabdidn't want to. Now Gab proposed in the ferris wheel to make up for that. And finally on October 28, 2021, after 9 years of dating 5 of which as an LDR couple, the college sweethearts turned LDR couple finally said their I do's in St. Benedict Parish Silang. 

Preps: Amberfields Tagaytay

Photo/Video: Honeycomb PhotoCinema

Church: St. Benedict Church

Gab & gwen
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